DriveTime Traffic for iPhone

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DriveTime Traffic for iPhone

Ninth Mosaic Media have branched into the world of native mobile apps.

Version 1.0 of DriveTime Traffic for iPhone is now available.

To our knowledge, DriveTime Traffic is the world’s first and only worldwide 1-touch traffic app.  It aims to solve a different kind of navigation problem than other traffic apps.  You already know a few different ways to get to work because you live and work here – so you don’t need directions.  And with keys in hand on your way out the door in the morning, you don’t want to have to look at a traffic map with red, yellow and green lines to work out for yourself which is the best way to go.

So we built an app that lets you configure all of the ways you know you might possibly go, and then when it’s a Tuesday morning at 7:30 and you’re running late, DriveTime Traffic knows that you’re on the way to work, and it tells you as soon as you open the app which way is the best given the current traffic conditions.  Thus it truly is a 1-touch traffic system.

More information can be found on our site dedicated to the app,