DriveTime Traffic v1.1 nearly ready

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DriveTime Traffic v1.1 nearly ready

Version 1.0 of DriveTime Traffic for iPhone is now available.

This initially has been a “soft release”.  We wanted to test it out with a limited audience to iron out any bugs and get some real-world feedback on the user experience.

We found that users enjoyed using the app and had positive feedback overall, and that the one area with which users had difficulty was in the initial setup of a Journey and the many Routes of a Journey.  The main points were:

  • Users didn’t feel that the “press-and-hold” action to bring up the menu on the map screen was intuitive.  We agree, so we’re replacing it with a more standard bottom menu bar, as well as a couple of onscreen buttons for close and maximize as you would expect.
  • It wasn’t clear to the user that waypoints added to configure your Route would need to be in order.  For example, if you set your Route to go through waypoint A, then added waypoint B and finally you added waypoint C  then your calculated Route would be start -> A -> B -> C -> destination.  If you then saw that part of the resulting calculated Route wasn’t what you meant and you therefore needed another waypoint along the way between some of the existing waypoints, then things would go a bit screwy.  If you added waypoint D  somewhere roughly between A and B, then while you would be expecting the route to be start -> A -> D -> B -> C -> destination, in actual fact the calculated Route would go all the way through your initial 3 waypoints and then back to D because you added that last.  This is clearly not very friendly, and so for v1.1 we’ve made it possible to re-order the waypoints.  (We’ve also changed the waypoints themselves from the standard “pins” to a large, smooth-moving circle.

We’re aiming to get this great new release out very soon!  Stay tuned!

More information can be found on our site dedicated to the app,