Should websites be fun?

Posted by on Feb 28, 2012 in blog | 0 comments

In the scope of targeted website design, this is an interesting question.

To generalise slightly, it would have to be said that for most small businesses or organisations, their website’s main function would be to inform the user of what it is they do.  Leaving aside the obvious potential for more interactive functionality, the site serves as an introduction to the company’s offerings and is in effect an interactive, electronic advertisement.  So – given that – is there a place for fun in all this?  Shouldn’t we match the form to the function, negating all frills and aim for as efficient a transfer of this information as possible?  Wouldn’t any attempt at fun or entertaining interactive experiences only serve to get in the way of this communication?

Ok, counsel is leading the witness a little here, so I’ll put you out of your misery.

Of course there is a place for fun in web design.  Of course we can provide an enjoyable experience to the user while informing them.  Of course we can design it so that any “enjoyment” aspect doesn’t impinge on our original goals.

The most memorable web experiences are those that are a pleasure to use, and these are the kinds of experiences we’re trying to create.  There’s a great article over on web design & development blog, A List Apart which shows some good examples of sites where the fun aspect adds to the experience, and some where the fun is pushed too far.